Valuing Electronic Music – a computational creativity perspective

We’ve just presented the Valuing Electronic Music project at the 5th International Conference on Computational Creativity, in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The talk was streamed live and is now available as a video:

Also available on Twitch TV. NB please excuse the ads at the beginning of the video, if you get any – a consequence of publishing the videos on a platform originally intended for broadcasting live gameplay rather than academic videos…

Also, the speaker after Anna had technical problems, which meant we had a little extra time for questions while the next speaker fixed her laptop.

The talk was a ‘late breaking paper’, which means that it was a short (ten minute) report of our work in progress. The audience for this conference are mainly people who do computational work or cognitive modelling of creative activities and processes, e.g. writing computer programs that can do things like writing poems or producing music. Many of this academic community are also interested in the creative activities they work with, from a personal perspective, so for example it was great to discover there was an electronic musician at the conference.

Many people at this conference are interested in how to measure, assess or capture the value of creative cultural artefacts such as music, or the perceived value of the processes or producers. Our talk focused on how we can use social network analysis in conjunction with our interview findings in order to identify value attribution in electronic music. In particular, we highlighted how interpersonal relationships within musical networks are often more revealing than larger scale metrics across large samples of SoundCloud users.

There is a paper to accompany the talk, though the speed of this project’s progress is such that the paper is almost already out of date, as I mention in the talk!


1 thought on “Valuing Electronic Music – a computational creativity perspective

  1. Anna,
    Thanks for putting this up. I caught the live stream and also a few of the others that week. I think that it’s a conference I need to put on my calendar for the future.
    I’m glad there was an electronic musician at the conference (!) Are they like the human ones?


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