Photographs from the public event

To remind you of what you experienced – or to taunt you with what you missed – here is a selection of photographs from the Valuing Electronic Music free public event, taken by Jake Davis of HungryVisuals. Wish you’d been there? We wish you’d been there too. Maybe next time!

Free food, free music, free everything!*

Fruit of the Lexington's kitchen

Thanks to the support of the AHRC, we were able not only to put on the whole event for free but to provide free food from the Lexington’s excellent menu. And here’s the proof. Vegetarian options were also available.

* Except drinks.

Set I: Glitch Lich

Chad McKinney of Glitch Lich, operating Yig, Father of Serpents (Cole Ingraham present by remote connection)

Chad answers questions onstage after Glitch Lich's performance is cut short by a technical... uhm, hitch

Halfway through a powerful performance of generative noise music, for which one member of the band appeared onstage in London and another joined in remotely from Shanghai, Glitch Lich inadvertently demonstrated the pitfalls of power management under Linux. They say all live coding sets should end with a computer crash… Chad McKinney made up for it by getting back onstage to answer audience questions – and there were certainly plenty of them!

Talk I: Luis-Manuel Garcia

Luis-Manuel Garcia speaking on the 'liquidarity' of dance culture

Luis-Manuel Garcia has been researching dance music culture for much longer than we have. In his talk, he not only introduced his own work, but spelled out some of the most important connections between it and the Valuing Electronic Music project.

Set II: Winterlight

Tim Ingham of Winterlight on guitar

Tim Ingham is at once a sociologist and the guitarist and laptop operator of ambient shoegaze electronica band Winterlight. He performed a spellbinding set accompanied by a video showreel featuring Soviet collective farms and one of our own data visualisations.

Talk II: The project team

Left to right: Daniel Allington, Anna Jordanous, and Byron Dueck

From 19.45 to 20.15, the three of us did our best to explain what the hell we’ve been doing for the last few months. As usual, we found ourselves pleasantly surprised both by how much we’ve discovered and by how interested people are in it.

Set III: Slackk

Paul Lynch (Slackk) working the decks

Instrumental grime maestro Slackk brought the night’s musical entertainments to a head with a brilliant 45-minute set.
His new four track album Dyework had been released just three days before as a pay-what-you-want download but with typical modesty he didn’t mention the fact.

Panel: Glitch Lich, Winterlight, and Slackk in conversation with Luis-Manuel Garcia

Left to right: Chad McKinney (Glitch Lich), Tim Ingham (Winterlight), Paul Lynch (Slackk)

Left to right: Chad McKinney (Glitch Lich), Tim Ingham (Winterlight)

Left to right: Luis-Manuel Garcia, Chad McKinney (Glitch Lich)

From the project team’s point of view, the highpoint was probably the panel featuring the night’s three performers in conversation with Luis-Manuel Garcia. The four were insightful, informative, and funny, and we’re really looking forward to putting the recording online.


Our wonderful audience. Thank you so much for coming – every single one of you!


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