Film 1: Changing roles and relationships in the music industry

This is the first of the three films shot at Convergence 2015, focusing on changing roles and relationships in the music industry. It features interviews with Chris Cooke (journalist), Christopher Haworth (researcher), Eric Karsenty (partnership marketing, EMEA, Sonos), David Stubbs (music journalist and author), Will Gulseven (Cypher PR), Michelle You (cofounder, Songkick), Ben Gomori (DJ and music writer), and Cecilia Stalin (vocalist, composer and educator). As the speakers observe, the internet has created a direct link between stars and their fans, as well as helping grassroots artists to connect to each other. But while this has made it easier for musicians to get their names (and tracks) out there, it may have made it harder for them to get them heard. Watch the full video for thoughts on topics from home recording to artist management.


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